Contradictions in the Bible

Bible Contradictions. The book that many, many xtians believe was written by God Almighty, inerrant, unchanging, perfect to every jot and tiddle, is absolutely riddled with contradictions. And not only parts that disagree with science and basic human history, but verses that actually are in complete disagreement and conflict with other verses – often inContinue reading “Contradictions in the Bible”

Jonah and the Whale – Oh Crap They Still Want This Story To Be Literally True!

I can’t believe it. (That is simultaneously stunned disbelief and a joke.) Sure, I sang the song as a child. I had coloring books like this one: When I made a list of stuff to “debunk”, I thought that this one wasn’t worthy. It’s too ridiculous. Surely awareness of fish and whale biology would nowContinue reading “Jonah and the Whale – Oh Crap They Still Want This Story To Be Literally True!”

God Made the Sun Stand Still for Joshua? Really?

Libby Lawrence 8/2020 (Map by Wilbur Glen Voliva 1931) You know the story, God made the sun stand still so Israel could slaughter its enemies. Actually, there’s also another story where the Sun traveled backwards (reverse movement of a shadow on stairs) so Judah’s King Hezekiah could be healed. (Isaiah 38:7-8). Joshua 10:12-14 On theContinue reading “God Made the Sun Stand Still for Joshua? Really?”

Horus Gilgamesh!!! I’m a huge fan.

I wish I had discovered this author years ago. I’m definitely buying anything he writes. His “Awkward Moments (not found in your average) Children’s Bible” series is stunning. Go buy them. Now. I’ll wait. These books say “Children’s Bible”, and they LOOK like they could be children’s books, thanks to the brilliant illustrations byContinue reading “Horus Gilgamesh!!! I’m a huge fan.”

Women Can Be Saved – Through Childbearing

Women weren’t considered human in the Old Testament. When, in the Old Testament, they count the size of a group, they are only counting males. The Covenant with G*d was through circumcision. In the New Testament, though, they changed things up! Some women may be saved conditionally: 1 Timothy 2:11-14 11 A woman should learnContinue reading “Women Can Be Saved – Through Childbearing”

10 Reasons for Man to Leave Religion Behind By Mike Floorwalker

It’s been reported recently that atheism is on the rise worldwide, while religiosity is declining. The relationship between the religious and non-religious has always been a tricky one; while many from each group eventually find themselves forced to admit that there is much to learn from the other, atheists still generally have a tough timeContinue reading “10 Reasons for Man to Leave Religion Behind By Mike Floorwalker”

The Immorality of Salvation By J. M. Green

J. M. Green 10/27/2013 im•mor•al adjective 1. Violating moral principles; not conforming to the patterns of conduct usually accepted or established as consistent with principles of personal and social ethics Before I tell you why, let’s set the scene. Christianity teaches humanity is doomed to go to Hell where the god Yahweh willContinue reading “The Immorality of Salvation By J. M. Green”

The Exodus Never Happened And Jericho’s Walls Never Fell

Huxley/Laura Miller 2001/Finkelstein/Silberman/Other Sources Libby’s Note: I do not have any information on “Huxley”. He seems to be quoting from many sources without attributing them. ☹️ Some parts of this – are plagiarized – from Laura Miller’s excellent piece “King David was a nebbish”. Published in Salon Feb. 8, 2001.,of%20his%20credentials%20and%20background.&text=%22They’re%20not%20as%20wedded,toeing%20to%20the%20traditional%20narratives. Other bits areContinue reading “The Exodus Never Happened And Jericho’s Walls Never Fell”

Christian Clichés Compiled by Psycho Dave Many atheists, myself included, have argued with Christians and Creationists so long, that we’ve noticed many of them seem to repeat the exact same statements over and over again, particularly with respect to their dismissals of what we have to say. By “dismissals”, I mean that they usually end their thread of the conversationContinue reading “Christian Clichés Compiled by Psycho Dave”