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I can’t figure out how to do blog sub-pages in WordPress.  I really need to just sit down and build my own website.  But until then, at least I can organize these posts for you!   Here is a list by Subject and Title, with links.  That should help. 

Categories in order: Favorites/Christian Behavior/Bible Verses/It Happened in Church/Politics, Society, Rants and Musings/New Posts

FAVORITES – The ones I would always pin to the top.

Universe Timeline – God said “Let There Be Light” and then – here is the chronology as we know it.

Why the Noah’s Flood Story Cannot Be True – Let’s look at the science for a moment.

God Made the Sun Stand Still for Joshua?  Really? – What would happen if this globe were to just STOP spinning?

10 Reasons for Man to Leave Religion Behind by Mike Floorwalker – Mike made an absolutely BRILLIANT, clear, concise list.  I hope to write something this good someday.

The Immorality of Salvation by J. M. Green – J. M. is a bit more sarcastic and snarky than Mike (above) (and I love him for it) and he’s really good at picking apart concepts that the church doesn’t want you to think about.

Witnessing – I’m absolutely sure that people who go from door to door to “witness”, or those who search for classmates or co-workers to preach to, have never really thought about WHAT they are doing.  Here is the most brilliant break-down I’ve ever found.  (No, I didn’t write it.)

CHRISTIAN BEHAVIOR – As Ghandi said, they are so unlike their Christ.

Who is Their Jesus? – Why is it that there are so many people who are loudly proclaiming that they are Christians – are the most un-Christ-like people on the planet?

The Good Samaritan – Luke 10:25-37 – A favorite Parable!  But oh no – we don’t actually try to be “a neighbor”.  That’s just for church services, silly.

Christian Hate 1- The Military Religious Freedom Foundation – Prevent people from forcing new recruits to attend their church or bible study and you get hate mail. Here are some of the nastiest death threats ever written by PREACHERS.

Christian Hate 2 – It’s Baked Into the Belief System – You have a group of people who believe that their god is going to come back and slaughter all those who refuse to bow to him, (while they get to stand and cheer him on) and then send all human souls who didn’t accept Jesus as their savior to burn in hell for all eternity. What do you think they believe about non-believers and punishment?

Child Abuse and Fundamentalism – Christianity has an enormous child abuse problem.

Chick Tracts – oh, these little xtian cartoons as SO VILE . . . take a look.

Christian Clichés Compiled by Psycho Dave – Xtians should think about how they’re coming across to non-believers if they really want to recruit.

Blessed – such a popular term to throw at people. What does it really mean?


Contradictions in the Bible – Oh there are too many to list, but lets pick a few . . .

Do You Disagree With The Bible? – Most Fundies refuse to believe that they do, however . . .

Interpretation – If the book is even partially divinely inspired, there should be more consensus regarding what the book says.

Jonah and the Whale – Oh Crap They Still Want This Story To Be Literally True! – yes, there are still websites trying to argue that a man lived for 3 days in the belly of a great fish/whale/shark/something.

Horus Gilgamesh!!! I’m a huge fan. — 3 truly fun books listing the oddest of the odd Bible verses.

The 10 Commandments – have you ever really thought about this list?

Women Can Be Saved – Through Childbearing – yes, it’s in the Bible. Look for yourself.

IT HAPPENED IN CHURCH – What services are like when you don’t believe.

This Morning’s Sermon – Feb. 2022 – all all priests insane?

This Morning’s Sermon – Nov. 2021 – do they think about what they’re saying?

What’s It Like to be an Atheist Church Organist? – it’s trippy.

Conversation with a Priest – He didn’t believe in Hell. He believed that Jesus was just a man (that god spoke through). How did he manage?

Why Do You Go to Church? – Really, why? It’s torture.

Why People Are Leaving The Church – Brandon Cox published a brilliant list – is it complete?


My Opinion on Abortion – it seems so simple. And for those waving a Bible, the only thing the Bible tells us about abortion is HOW to administer one. It’s one of those magic priestly-duties.

Amy Coney Barrett – I know WHAT she is. And it scares me.

White Nationalism, QAnon, Proud Boys, Oh My! – For those who don’t know that the KLAN used to openly meet in xtian churches, that QAnon and xtian faith are linked, and that misogyny is Bible-based – a good ol’ fashioned “back in my day” rant.

Do Angels Exist? – pretty fantasies (well, some of them), but are they real?

God is “Outside Time”?? – A common response to a “why did god” question – makes no sense, just a way to say “shut up, don’t make me think, somebody said this response would work”.

A Bastard Cannot Enter (funny spoof) – If Yeshua Bar Jose existed as described in the Bible, what happened when he got to heaven? Let’s give Yahweh a few Yiddish words for fun, write a short comedy skit, and see where this goes.

26 Reasons For Atheism – it’s a list I made, just from collecting comments on the internet. A VERY LONG list, and it’s only about half of the original file. I happen to think there are some decent points in there, if . . . you feel like digging through a very long post.

The Exodus Never Happened And Jericho’s Walls Never Fell – a short dive into recent “holy land” archeology, and it REALLY needs a rewrite – a place to start though.

The King of the Hill Male Fantasy (This is not about the animated show.) – There’s an obvious link between shows like the Sopranos and . . . Trump . . . and Putin . . . – bemused female rambling about why guys loved the Sopranos so much.

NEW POSTS – Now everything else will just start showing up below and I won’t have to keep tweaking the post dates to arrange the blog post order any more!

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