The King of the Hill Male Fantasy (This is not about the animated show.)

In 1999, a show debuted on HBO that would become one of the best TV Dramas ever written.  The Sopranos.  Tony Soprano was a New Jersey Mafia boss – and he was in therapy for anxiety attacks.  His character was compelling (as were the other characters in the series – the writing was superb), becauseContinue reading “The King of the Hill Male Fantasy (This is not about the animated show.)”

Crazy Trump Supporter Preachers

Just some recent video links. At least, I think they’ll work here. We’ll see. Preachers are primarily responsible for Trump’s presidency. They brainwashed their followers into believing that Trump would abolish Roe vs. Wade and Gay Marriage, kill Obamacare, return Christian prayer to schools, make Christianity the national religion, make homosexuality illegal, and put ChristianContinue reading “Crazy Trump Supporter Preachers”