Christian Clichés Compiled by Psycho Dave Many atheists, myself included, have argued with Christians and Creationists so long, that we’ve noticed many of them seem to repeat the exact same statements over and over again, particularly with respect to their dismissals of what we have to say. By “dismissals”, I mean that they usually end their thread of the conversationContinue reading “Christian Clichés Compiled by Psycho Dave”

Christian Hate 1 – The Military Religious Freedom Foundation

Libby Lawrence, 11/16/2020 Nearly everyone has encountered Christians who smugly proclaim that “God is Love”, and that their beliefs are accepting, loving, and peaceful. But at the tiniest bit of pushback, say, a question of their beliefs or activities, they react with absolute fury. Their religion, their pastors, their leaders are the ultimate authority, completelyContinue reading “Christian Hate 1 – The Military Religious Freedom Foundation”

Christian Hate 2 – It’s Baked Into the Belief System

By Libby Lawrence Nov. 17, 2020 As I have mentioned in another blog, I grew up Pentecostal.  My Mother had the Christian radio station playing all day, every day.  Billy Graham of course, J. Vernon McGee, Jack Van Impe, Jim and Tammy Bakker, Charles Halff, Lester Roloff, John Hagee, Billy James Hargis, Jerry Falwell, JimmyContinue reading “Christian Hate 2 – It’s Baked Into the Belief System”

Amy Coney Barrett – I know WHAT she is. And it scares me.

Libby Lawrence Nov. 17, 2020 Yeah, before you say “Libby, relax, she’s Catholic” – no she’s not.  Not any variety my Catholic friends would recognize, anyway.  She’s a Charismatic.  And no, I haven’t joined QAnon.  I know because I was raised Pentecostal. As a child, I attended the Church of God Holiness School. The campusContinue reading “Amy Coney Barrett – I know WHAT she is. And it scares me.”

Why Do You Go to Church?

I’m serious. I wonder this every year, in the days before Easter.The Catholic slog through Easter week is (in normal years) INTENSE for a church musician.Penance service, planning meeting, choir practice, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, the 3-hour-long Easter Vigil ordeal, and 3 or 4 services on Easter Sunday. I used to call it Oh HolyContinue reading “Why Do You Go to Church?”

Why People Are Leaving The Church

In a recent blog, I asked why people were attending church. (I honestly don’t get it. I yearn for a job that makes enough money so I would never, ever, have to set foot in one of those insane asylums ever, ever again.) So here is the companion blog. If you’re interested in reading aContinue reading “Why People Are Leaving The Church”

God is “Outside Time”??

A Catholic friend of mine and I were having a short (just a simple question, testing the waters, nothing heavy) discussion about God. I don’t even remember the question I asked. (It’s been a few years.) But I remember her response: “It’s because God exists outside of time!” I also remember the anger that accompaniedContinue reading “God is “Outside Time”??”

The King of the Hill Male Fantasy (This is not about the animated show.)

In 1999, a show debuted on HBO that would become one of the best TV Dramas ever written.  The Sopranos.  Tony Soprano was a New Jersey Mafia boss – and he was in therapy for anxiety attacks.  His character was compelling (as were the other characters in the series – the writing was superb), becauseContinue reading “The King of the Hill Male Fantasy (This is not about the animated show.)”

White Nationalism, QAnon, Proud Boys, Oh My!

I was fortunate enough to work in a high school for about six years, and met many wonderful kids there.  Most of them just knew that men and women should be equal, gays should have equal rights, human beings of all colors were human beings, etc., etc.  Now, years later, some of them are FacebookContinue reading “White Nationalism, QAnon, Proud Boys, Oh My!”