Chick Tracts

In the 1970’s, Protestant churches began to be flooded with little comic book tracts. They were written by a Fundamentalist named Jack Chick.

He has absolutely devoted followers even in 2021. Many folks claim Jack Chick was the greatest evangelist of the 20th century. My Mother adored these things. You can still find them in public places even now. A quick Google search will find dozens of fan pages. Here’s one:

They have sold by the millions. They have reached every country. There are hundreds of these things, they made Jack Chick rich, and they are still selling today. They are formulaic: you have the story of a sinner, who either renounces his sinful ways and declares his faith in Jesus, or refuses to convert and gets thrown into hell. The final page is almost always the same.

These little comics are absolutely VILE. He hates any human being that isn’t a fundamentalist, bible-literalist xtian. And yes, I’m posting a lot of screenshots. And yes, this is against copyright. And I don’t care. I’m not having anything to do with these assholes and I will fight these little publications of vicious ignorance until my dying breath. So if they want to sue me, bring it on.

His tracts claim that scientists are demon-possessed.

Feminists, gays, reporters, and anyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons are demon-possessed. Gays and Lesbians are possessed by demons that entered them when they were sexually abused as children, and all they have to do is accept Jesus as their savior and they will instantly become heterosexual. (6 Anti-gay tracts, one got pulled because it showed a gang of good ol’ red-blooded ‘Murican men beating a gay man to death and that was a good thing.)

Harry Potter books and rock music are evil. Anyone who celebrates Halloween or puts up a Xmas tree is risking demon possession. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Jews, and any member of any other faith tradition – they’re all going to hell, and they deserve it. He has a particular hatred of Catholics. He published at least 16 tracts telling his readers how the Devil himself started the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church started Communism, and that all Catholics are automatically going to hell unless they convert.

It’s completely obvious that Jack Chick never studied church history. And that he loved any conspiracy theory which he could use to tear down his enemies.

His tracts are so incompetently researched that he frequently even gets his Bible quotes wrong! Some moronic jerk keeps leaving them in the break room where I work. I dump them in the trash every time I see them. When Jack Chick died in 2016 I actually celebrated.

I have been a member of an atheist chat board for some time. One guy said that he uses Chick’s anti-science tracts when he speaks about atheism at colleges. He puts the tracts out on tables or on chairs before the show. The college students pick them up, and start laughing – – until he tells them that they are very real, that 66% of (over age 40) Protestant Christians in the US (in 2017) believe that evolution is an evil lie. Then they get very quiet and pay attention.

Some of the tracts are just . . . horrific, like “Somebody Loves Me”. A little child is forced to go out and beg by her alcoholic father. When she comes home with not enough cash, he beats her and throws her out into the storm. She crawls to a box on the street, and a flyer that says “Somebody Loves You” blows into her box. She holds the flyer up to a female passer-by, who (IMHO in true xtian fashion) tells her that Jesus loves her, and then leaves, doing absolutely nothing to help a child who is obviously on death’s door. The child dies after kissing the flyer. And this is a HAPPY story, because an angel carries her up to heaven.

There is another, called “Tiny Shoes” that tells the story of a Mexican drunkard and gambler who always squanders his paycheck. He has a little boy who wants shoes, to protect his cut bare feet. The little boy gets an infection from the cut. The man’s wife, worried about her boy, prays to God to stop Juan from going to the saloon, and God obligingly hits the saloon with lightning. But it’s too late. The little boy dies. The father converts at his son’s deathbed so that he will see his son in heaven, so it’s also a happy story. So very happy. These are only two examples of many.

And some of them have been pulled from publication. The most nauseating example was the tract “Lisa”. A man named Henry has been raping his young daughter for quite some time. (He became demon-possessed because he watched porn.) It’s clearly not anything well hidden, because his wife knows, is jealous, and beats the girl for it. His neighbor knows, because Henry SHARES Lisa with him. Lisa gets herpes. And her doctor reads Henry the riot act. Does the doctor call the police? No. He preaches to Henry, who converts. Henry goes home and converts his wife. So the story ends with the parents telling this little girl that they won’t hurt her any more because they are xtians now. Henry (and his neighbor) raped his daughter for years. His wife beat the child. But now everything is perfect, no police are needed, Lisa doesn’t need therapy, she’ll be just fine and perfectly safe, because these monsters prayed to Jesus. I do wonder what some people had to say to Jack Chick that made him agree that this story was NOT OK.

I have collected a lot of these tracts in pdf form. I really wish I could just send all of them to anyone who asks for them, so people could see how repulsive these things are. But, they’re all available to see (and purchase) on the Chick Tracts website.

Here are a few examples out of hundreds:


Baby Talk — if you abort a fetus, you’re a murderer, and going to hell.
Who Murdered Clarice? — 45 million babies are murdered every year, and every one responsible is going to hell.

(The final page of most of these tracts reads: “Dear God, thank you for showing me what you think about Catholicism. I also reject it!”)

Are Roman Catholics Christians? (In short, no. All Catholics have been deceived by corrupt power mad priests into worshiping idols. They do not take the Bible literally. All Catholics are going to burn forever in hell.)

The Awful Truth (Claims that the Catholic Church was created by Satan, the Catholic Church was the originator of Islam, Communism, and Nazism, and engineered the deaths of Presidents Lincoln and Kennedy.)

The Death Cookie (Catholic Communion is just a revival of Egyptian Osiris worship. To bow before it or to claim that it has any aspect of Jesus Christ or his Spirit or his blessing means that the worshiper will burn in hell forever for idolatry.)

Holocaust (Claims the Catholic Church killed the Jews.)

Last Rites (Even the most devout Catholics – and nuns and priests – have all been deceived and are going to hell.)


Doom town — Starts by claiming that HIV+ gays will all donate infected blood – deliberately. A “christian” cameraman “witnesses” to a gay guy after a rally, and tells the story of Sodom. (All possessed by demons, homosexual orgies in the streets, rampant pedophia, etc.) So God burned Sodom, and will burn all gays who don’t repent. (Apparently just praying to Jesus will turn a gay person straight.)

Uninvited — an AIDS nurse begins by telling a story of being gang-raped and almost killed at age 6 – thereby becoming demon-possessed. This 6-year old rape and attempted murder victim had to pray to Jesus for forgiveness and deliverance to remove the demon. She states that if she had not been saved, she probably would have become a lesbian and gotten AIDS. The tract claims that all homosexuals are demon possessed, due to sexual abuse as children.

The Gay Blade — the gay revolution is underway! They want equal rights! They want acceptance. Then you get the story of Sodom and threats of hellfire. It claims that all gays are ruled by “demonic power that controls them” and the average life expectancy for a male homosexual is 39. The implication (again) is just accept Jesus, and (poof!) you’ll be straight.


There Go the Dinosaurs — (target audience: gradeschoolers) claims that the dinosaurs were created in one week with everything else. They were called dragons. They were put on the ark. The canopy above the earth collapsed, and the waters from the canopy flooded the earth. But the dinosaurs needed a LOT of plants and a LOT of air, and the flood had destroyed too many plants. They couldn’t breathe. They died.

In the Beginning — claims that “evolution is the religion of scientists who laugh at God.” Tells the creation story again. Claims that there are human fossil footprints walking alongside dinosaur fossil footprints. Ends with the usual believe or burn in hell ending – basically it’s “there go the dinosaurs” for (very stupid) adults.

Big Daddy – Attempts to be a complete rebuttal of evolution. However, it uses ridiculous pseudo-science to do so. It has spawned one of the best of the spoof tracts: Who’s Your Daddy? – which corrects the errors contained in this tract.

Moving On Up! — (target audience: gradeschoolers) Anyone who believes in evolution is an atheist. They are immoral and racist. They mock god and will all go to hell.

Refusing to Convert

The Letter (claims that every person you refuse to convert will go to hell, and it will be YOUR FAULT)

One article that I read proposed that these tracts need to be preserved in a library. Because they show, in graphic detail, what Christian Fundamentalism is, what it believes. They should stand as a horrific warning to future generations. They display, very effectively: Hatred. Judgment. Holier-than-thou oh-so-righteous unloving superior attitudes. An absolute dark, sadistic glee over fantasies of torture and eternal punishment for any human being who dares to disagree with their beliefs. A complete focus on getting rewarded and proved RIGHT in the afterlife (just for saying they believe in Jesus), while knowing that their enemies are screaming in hell. They are anti-science and anti-education. They are homophobic, misogynistic, xenophobic, and racist. They hate everyone who doesn’t worship their magic book of fairy tales. It’s incomprehensible to me that there are millions of people who revere this man as “godly”. Just looking these tracts makes me nauseous.

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