Amy Coney Barrett – I know WHAT she is. And it scares me.

Libby Lawrence Nov. 17, 2020

Yeah, before you say “Libby, relax, she’s Catholic” – no she’s not.  Not any variety my Catholic friends would recognize, anyway.  She’s a Charismatic.  And no, I haven’t joined QAnon.  I know because I was raised Pentecostal.

As a child, I attended the Church of God Holiness School. The campus consisted of a K-12 School, College, and Church.  Church of God Holiness is an offshoot of Assemblies of God.  Pentecostals place great emphasis on showing the outward gifts of the Holy Spirit, such as speaking in tongues, being “slain in the spirit”, faith-healing, and prophecy.  They are strongly focused on the End Times and the Second Coming of Christ.  This was an extremely insular group.  There was no longer any need for evangelization.  The world has been given the gospel, and the vast majority of the world has rejected Christ.  (This view included all “Christian” denominations who lack the gifts of the Holy Spirit and do not preach of the End Times.)  They were a small holy group surrounded by demonic, evil humanity. 

Another constant theme from Pentecostal preachers was the need to make GOD’s Law (the laws of the Holy Bible, which was written by God, perfect, inerrant) the law of the land.  But even my brother and I knew, as grade-schoolers, that there were roadblocks to that goal.  This sect avoided all institutions of higher learning except their own colleges.  Their colleges trained preachers, and there was a Christian-oriented teacher’s degree.  Women were discouraged from attending college, but some were accepted into the education program.  (In these groups, then and now, women are second-class citizens.  Their place is in the home, and their husband is their lawgiver.)  They had no politicians and no lawyers.  This goal of making God’s Law the law of the land was not at all about conversion.  The premise was that the entire population would rebel and refuse to submit to the Law of God, therefore bringing about the Second Coming and the Tribulation, after which Christ would slaughter every human being who would not worship him.  They were trying to force the Second Coming and Mass Genocide.

That was in the 1970’s.  Move forward to the 90’s, and some of these groups are not completely closed communities any more.  Coney Barrett was raised as a member of People of Praise and has served as a People of Praise Handmaid.  They were founded in 1971 in South Bend, Indiana. They’re predominantly a splinter Catholic group (not under Papal Control), but they accept members from many denominations.    They still preach about the Gifts of the Spirit, about Community, the Second Coming and End Times, and yes, about making God’s Law the law of the land.  They are still very Patriarchal, but apparently, there is now acceptance for a few highly-educated women in their ranks.  One is Amy Coney Barrett, who seemed the perfect choice to replace Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and who will serve at the behest of her church leaders to strike down evil laws and replace those with God’s Law.  (Notorious RBG’s brilliance and experience and heart replaced with . . . THIS.)(shudder)

I have not found which of the members of Trump’s Evangelical Group (the one that meets in the White House weekly) is Coney Barrett’s handler, but she almost certainly had one there.  Her husband is still her law-giver, and he is under the control of the PoP’s leaders.  Thankfully, under a Biden presidency, the Evangelical Group will not have such power.  But I’m still worried.  If she gives her handlers what they want, Roe vs. Wade will fall, Gay Marriage will fall, homosexuality will be reinstated as a criminal offense, Christian prayer will be enforced in all public schools, discrimination against all other faiths will become a national sport, and who knows what else?

Update Sept. 6, 2021. AND look what the Supreme Court just did about the Texas (Texastan) Abortion Ban – they let stand a law that is not only horrifically restrictive and will cause the death of MANY young women, but they put in place a law that will create a state full of vigilantes who get to collect $10,000 for reporting an abortion 4 years after it took place. Welcome to Gilead, folks.

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