Libby Lawrence, 11/16/2020

“Witnessing” is, by it’s very nature, an insult to the person you are witnessing to. It’s obvious if you think about it. The person who is witnessing is hunting for non-xtians. Non-xtians, in their estimation, have made a horrible error of judgment. The witnesser believes that anyone who is not a xtian is not an intelligent human being, capable of reading, researching, or making their own decisions. This poor fool needs their help. It’s arrogant, insulting, disrespectful, and utterly offensive from start to finish.

And they’ll wring their hands, clutch their pearls, and cry that they are trying to save people from burning in hell forever, and that theirs is an act of love. They also probably fantasize about bringing new members into their loony little club, receiving the adulation of other members. They probably haven’t even thought about the real reason they are being sent out to accost, insult, and offend strangers. This response below is one of the best explanations that I have ever seen.

Published by libbylawrence

Fundamentalist turned Atheist in the US Bible Belt. Sharing fun memes and musings with anyone who is interested.

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