Do Angels Exist?

Libby Lawrence 10/25/2020

I’ve known some people who are absolutely obsessed with angels. I knew a woman who claimed to talk to her guardian angel all the time. — I was a little worried about her. You have to admit, though, that the idea of a beautiful, powerful, personal winged spirit bodyguard is a lovely fantasy.

We think of them today as the Mighty Archangels, like Gabriel and Michael – or cute little cherub figures who – make people fall in love? – many-eyed circular somethings with multiple eyes (in Ezekiel) or personal guardian angels, or a choir that sings to god every second telling god how wonderful he is (would you really want to worship any creature that needs constant adulation and created his own army of sycophant slaves who have no choice but to do just that, and also demands it from every human being on earth in life and after death?) – god supposedly created millions of beautiful and powerful and perfect servants to help him control these pesky humans he created. And there are, remember, “Destroying Angels”, god’s assassins, who not only obediently slaughtered all the Egyptian firstborn in Exodus (chapters 11-12), but sometimes joined in the fun of war, like they did in II Kings 19:35 by killing 185,000 Assyrians before the battle began.

The idea of a spirit, of a supernatural entity that follows and supervises every human being, was already present in other religions and in Greek philosophy. The Fathers of the Church, like Tertullian, Saint Augustine, Saint Ambrose, Saint John Chrysostom, Saint Jerome and Saint Gregory of Nyssa, maintained that a guardian angel existed for each person, and although there was not yet a dogmatic formulation concerning this figure, already during the Council of Trent (1545 – 1563) it was stated that every human being had their own angel.

Psalm 91:11-12 For He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways. In their hands they shall bear you up, lest you dash your foot against a stone.

Matthew 18:10 Take heed that you do not despise one of these little ones, for I say to you that in heaven their angels always see the face of My Father who is in heaven.

“Imagine you had a bodyguard who was always with you. He did all the usual bodyguard things like protecting you from danger, warding off assailants, and generally keeping you safe in all situations. But he also did more than this: he offered you moral guidance, helped you become a stronger person, and led you to your ultimate calling in life. We don’t have to imagine it. We already have such a bodyguard. Christian tradition calls them guardian angels. Their existence is supported by Scripture and both Catholics and Protestants believe in them. As the great dogmatic theologian Ludwig Ott explained, “According to the general teaching of the theologians, however, not only every baptized person, but every human being, including unbelievers, has his own special guardian angel from his birth.”

This brings up a lot of questions, of course. Those destroying angels – send those around a bit more, make them show themselves to people and destroy evil dictators, and human history would be VERY different. Angels sprung the Apostles out of jail numerous times-they can be corporeal and break chains and open doors, apparently. (Acts 5:20, Acts 12:7) Personal guardian angels? We tell children that angels are protecting them. (Aww, isn’t that sweet?)

Why, then, if every human being has a guardian angel, have SO MANY children been raped by priests and preachers? Their guardian angel should have struck the evil clergyman dead, instantly. Why are so many children abused and beaten? Why are so many sold into sex slavery? You would think there would be a lot of really pissed-off angels out there – bad guys should be dropping like flies left and right. Instead, nothing stops the evil-doers. No supernatural beings show up during accidents or natural disasters. It’s as if angels are about as real as Santa Claus.

Christians might say, “oh, but they are only here to guide you in your spiritual life, to help you make the right choices, to prevent you from spiritual death” or some variant. So they don’t show up and do stuff anymore? They’re just another voice in your head? Huh.

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Fundamentalist turned Atheist in the US Bible Belt. Sharing fun memes and musings with anyone who is interested.

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