The King of the Hill Male Fantasy (This is not about the animated show.)

In 1999, a show debuted on HBO that would become one of the best TV Dramas ever written.  The Sopranos.  Tony Soprano was a New Jersey Mafia boss – and he was in therapy for anxiety attacks.  His character was compelling (as were the other characters in the series – the writing was superb), because of the disconnect between his work persona: hard, violent, ruthless – and the undercurrent of the family man who was constantly afraid and over-the-top protective of his family.  The show was like a car accident: brutal and horrific in places, but the viewer could NOT look away. 

Still, Tony Soprano was not an admirable character.  He was amoral, narcissistic, mendacious, racist, misogynistic, and vicious.  So, I was amazed when the men that I worked with became obsessed with the show.  They would have daily contests over who could recite dialog from a recent show in the best “Joisey” accent.  They would dress like Tony.  One guy put in some effort to discover what brand of cigar Tony smoked, made a decision, and suddenly the whole group smoked cigars.  It was so obvious – these supposedly gentle guys wanted to BE Tony Soprano.  Why?

My answer – (and no, I have done no research, I’m just rambling) is that Tony had everything they wanted.  He was rich.  He was powerful – the BOSS – give an order, and underlings would say “Yes Boss”, and jump into action.  He had nice cars and a huge house and a wife and two kids that he could ignore most of the time.  He set his own work hours, mostly at night.  His “office” was in a strip club.  He had all of the good food, cigars, and booze he wanted.  He had a never-ending supply of hookers and mistresses.  He killed anyone that got in his way, and his henchmen got rid of the evidence.

The guys I worked with were law-abiding family men.  But something inside them clearly wanted to be free of bosses, free of obligations and constrictions, and longed to be – a king.  An ultimate authority.  Rich, powerful, in control (in public, anyway), and above the law.

I spoke to one of them years later and we talked about Tony Soprano.  I presented my theory.  He agreed with the assessment – males (Boomer generation anyway) are all about who is best, who is the leader, who has the power – power is everything. And, (he said with a wry smile) “power corrupts. But we still really want it.”

There are an awful lot of similarities between Tony Soprano and Donald Trump.  Just sayin’.

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