Crazy Trump Supporter Preachers

Just some recent video links. At least, I think they’ll work here. We’ll see.

Preachers are primarily responsible for Trump’s presidency. They brainwashed their followers into believing that Trump would abolish Roe vs. Wade and Gay Marriage, kill Obamacare, return Christian prayer to schools, make Christianity the national religion, make homosexuality illegal, and put Christian leaders in charge of all government agencies.

They were certain that Trump was ordained by their god, he was going to win by a landslide. Ignore all of his cheating and lying and conning, that’s not important, he was going to bring about a Christian Theocracy. Trump’s loss is breaking a lot of preachers. A quick YouTube search will give you hours of crazy.

Paula White Praying for God to make Biden win:

Jack Hibbs at Calvary Chapel after learning of Biden’s win, crying and demanding to know why God allowed it. He’s basically demanding that God FIX THIS MISTAKE.
Starts at 51 minutes if you want to avoid a sermon.

Kenneth Copeland laughing maniacally at Biden’s “win”. Start at 1:20 – it takes him a while to get to the crazy.

Huh. Why did that pull up the image and the others didn’t? Anyway . . . just for fun . . . they made a funny remix of Crazy Paula. Enjoy!

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