Why I’m Here

UPDATE: 3/6/2022 – I have enabled comments on all of the blog posts. Reason? I worry that I have made errors/typos/”alternative facts” (internet research isn’t real research, you know) – and I do want people to be able to send me corrections easily. Any comment containing abuse or proselytizing will be deleted.

THEISTS: If you want to convince me that god exists, here’s how: Scientific proof. The kind that will make the news in every country. You’ll be famous, I’ll listen and decide whether this deity is worth any of my time and attention. OK? Everybody have a great day!

I was raised Fundamentalist Christian. Christian school, Young Earth Creationism, Speaking in Tongues, all of it.  And then life happened.  And I realized that I didn’t believe – any of Christianity.  I started collecting atheist writings and now I have a lot.  I want to make good information available to others who are on their own journey away from religion.

As a former Fundie, the Bible was inerrant. It was perfect, written by God Almighty, historically accurate to every detail. If you asked about something that seemed like a contradiction, you were the one who was in the wrong and punishment was forthcoming.

“It only seems like a contradiction because we humans are too stupid to understand, and you will understand it when you get to heaven.” – Mother.

So to my friends who quite rationally assert that the Bible was written by Men, I must explain: my path has, of necessity, been focused on proving you right. What you will find on the blog page are (mostly) takedowns of Bible passages I once had to accept as literal.

Then, since we can’t do without humor, I’m collecting memes on the parts of Christianity that I do find absurd and amusing. I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and Libby Lawrence is a Pseudonym. I work in a VERY white Republican Christian office, and I play piano and organ at a church. So don’t go looking for Libby on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok.