Why I’m Here

I was raised Fundamentalist Christian. Christian school, Young Earth Creationism, Speaking in Tongues, all of it.  And then life happened.  And I realized that I didn’t believe – any of Christianity.  I started collecting atheist writings and now I have a lot.  I want to make good information available to others who are on their own journey away from religion.

As a former Fundie, the Bible was inerrant. It was perfect, written by God Almighty, historically accurate to every detail. If you asked about something that seemed like a contradiction, you were the one who was in the wrong and punishment was forthcoming.

“It only seems like a contradiction because we humans are too stupid to understand, and you will understand it when you get to heaven.” – Mother.

So to my friends who quite rationally assert that the Bible was written by Men, I must explain: my path has, of necessity, been focused on proving you right. What you will find on the blog page are (mostly) takedowns of Bible passages I once had to accept as literal.

Then, since we can’t do without humor, I’m collecting memes on the parts of Christianity that I do find absurd and amusing. I hope you enjoy.

Oh, and Libby Lawrence is a Pseudonym. I work in a VERY white Republican Christian office, and I play piano and organ at a church. So don’t go looking for Libby on Facebook or Instagram or TikTok.